Home Cures for Eczema That Work

get rid of eczemaThere are many home cures for eczema that can give you relief from eczema symptoms. Finding the right home cures for eczema for your particular type of eczema – eczema on face, eczema on body, eczema on hands, or eczema on baby – is essential, too.

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• Allergy is ultimately an inflammatory condition and diet can profoundly influence inflammation throughout the body. Follow an anti-inflammatory diet and avoid pro-inflammatory ingredients.
• People with eczema must cope with the stress and the lack of sleep associated with itchiness during night time. However, stress can make the condition worse, so it is best to monitor stress levels to reduce the number of eczema flare-ups. Stress-reducing exercises such as deep breathing, basic yoga exercises, or meditation can help you manage your stress and lessen your need for creams and ointments.
• One of the best and easiest home remedies for eczema is vitamin E oil. This oil promotes healing and provides relief from itching and inflammation. So, apply vitamin E oil on your skin, especially at night before going to bed. You can also try lotions and creams containing vitamin E.
• Turmeric herb has been used extensively in the treatment of skin disorders. Curcumin – the active ingredient present in turmeric contains anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. For a home remedy for eczema, patients can simply mix turmeric powder with water to cleanse the area infected by the skin condition.
• Soothe your skin with an oatmeal bath. Place a cup of oatmeal into an old stocking and let the water run through it as you fill your bath.
• Avoid woollen and synthetic clothing as both can irritate eczema. Look for natural fibres such as cotton.
• Milk or apple cider vinegar dabbed onto the eczema can soothe the rash and settle the inflammation. Be warned – the apple cider vinegar may sting a little at first.

Why are home cures for eczema better than conventional treatment?

1. Cheap. Drugs manufactured by large pharmaceutical companies are expensive since they are processed, advertised, and marketed as a commercial commodity. On the other hand, natural home remedies are cheaper to produce.
2. Milder. Unlike over the counter syrups and medicines, natural home remedies are unspoiled, fresh, and of course natural. Since it is natural, it does not have strong components like over the counter medicines.
3. Fewer side effects. Over the counter medicines contain several ingredients that attack the intended ailments however, it does not stop there. Such medications affect your other functions with their side effects.

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